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Self-guided motorcycle tours in Spain

Ride the finest motorcycle routes of your destination on your own and arrive at your booked hotel in the evening without having to worry about a thing. You get a detailed information package, a Sat Nav with the routes for your motorbike tour and we arrange the hotels for your tour. This way you may concentrate completely on the riding experience. Our self-guided tours offer all the comforts of a Hispania Tours tour.

Information about the accommodations Information about the routing

Select the area and the number of riding days of your tour:

We have divided Spain into three areas for you:

1. South Western Spain 
If your motorbike tour goes to the southwest of Spain, then you will be on the road starting from Málaga to western Andalusia, the Atlantic coast and Extremadura.

2. South Eastern Spain 
In south-eastern Spain, you will visit eastern Andalusia, the Mediterranean coast and Valencia on your tour from Málaga.

3. Northern Spain, France 
In the north of Spain, your motorbike tour from Barcelona takes you to the mountains of the Pyrenees, towards the beautiful routes on the Atlantic coast and to the south of France.

The self-guided tours in southern Spain are planned to be ridden all year round. Therefore, they are also ideal as a winter getaway. The tours in the Pyrenees can be booked from May to October.

Or just select one of our classics

Andalusia Classic - 6 days

Self-guided motorcycle tour

Fascinating 6 day long motorcycle tour in Andalusia. Along the exciting routes in the motorcycling paradise of southern Spain you visit Ronda, Conil, Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada. Starting from Málaga.

Pyrenees Rock+Roll - 6 days

Self guided motorcycle tour

Fascinating 6 day long motorcycle tour in northern Spain. Along the exciting routes in the mountains of the Pyrenees you visit Puigcerda, Aran Valley, Tena Valley, Ainsa and Peramola. Starting from Barcelona.

Extremadura - 6 days

Self guided motorcycle tour

Join us on this amazing motorcycle tour through the beautiful lands of Extremadura and ride into one of Europe's last remaining paradises. Apart from the exciting roads through this impressive and very diversified scenery, you visit the historical…