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Guided motorcycle tours in Spain

With our motorcycle tours in Andalusia, our motorbike tours in the Pyrenees and in the Extremadura we provide unique motorcycle experiences during every time of the year. The most breathtaking routes and unlimited riding pleasure await you, as Hispania Tours is your expert for motorcycle tours in Spain.

Our motorcycle tours in Spain - fulfill your motorcycle dream!

Spain - The Mediterranean Way

From Barcelona to Malaga

A very unique motorcycle tour along from the Pyrenees to Southern Spain. Starting in Barcelona, you'll be on the road for a week, traveling along the east coast of Spain, from the Ebro Delta to Valencia, and on to the Cabo de Gata Nature Park.

Andalusia Classic - The Highlights of Southern Spain

The Highlights of Southern Spain

On breathtaking roads in the motorbike paradise of southern Spain, you visit the highlights of the beautiful cities of Granada, Cordoba and Seville. Feel the vibrant Spanish lifestyle on this motorcycle tour.

Spain - Roads of History

From Málaga to Barcelona

You discover wonderful motorcycle roads and medieval cities full of history and culture on this exciting motorcycle tour across Spain. From Málaga, the tour takes you via Toledo, Zaragoza and Cuenca to Catalonia and Barcelona.

Spain - Pyrenees, Culture and Curves

Pyrenees, Culture and Curves

To the legendary curves in the Pyrenees between Spain and France, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Gorgeous peaks and countless mountain roads await you on your route from Barcelona via Pamplona to San Sebastian.

Andalusia New Years Tour

Waltzing the Curves of Southern Spain

The perfect winter getaway to Andalusia at the end of the year. On the New Years Tour you will enjoy a wonderful time on your motorcycle with lots of sunshine and temperatures around 20 °C.

Spain - Extremadura, Romantic Spain

Extremadura, Romantic Spain

Join this amazing motorcycle tour through the beautiful lands of Extremadura and ride into one of Europe's last remaining paradises. Large variety of very authentic Spanish culture, heritage and of course breathtaking nature.

Motorradgruppe vor dem Mausoleum in Rabatt

Spain and Morocco - Moorish Pearls

The Moorish Pearls

On this motorcycle tour in Andalusia and Morocco you ride through the former empire of the Moors and discover their gems in Seville, Cordoba, Granada as well as in Fez, Marrakech and Rabat.

Frequently asked questions about motorcycle tours in Spain

If you want to know more about our motorbike tours to Portugal, in our FAQs you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you still have a particular request, we are happy to hear from you. You can contact us here.

On the coast, Spain is very densely populated, but the further inland you go, the areas become noticeably more deserted and the traffic decreases.  Here the interesting parts of the country begin for the biker.

During our tours we spend as much time as possible far away from the busy roads, because that is where it gets beautiful in Spain very quickly.

Andalusia is the motorcyclist's paradise of Spain. This large region, which lies on both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, offers a unique backdrop for your motorcycle adventure with its countless mountain ranges and the numerous White Villages. On our Andalusia Classic Tour, on the New Year's Tour or also on the self-guided tours in Andalusia you can get to know this region in a very relaxed and exclusive way.

If there is one area on the Iberian Peninsula that still feels truly like Spain, then it is clearly the unspoiled countryside of Extremadura. Here you can expect beautiful routes in the nature parks and the mountains of central Spain, the backdrop of the many mountain villages gives the motorcycle tour in the Extremdura a very special charm.

The Pyrenees, in the north of Spain, host the dream routes in the mountains between Spain and France. On the motorcycle tour in the Pyrenees you will experience driving fun at its best on the finest asphalt and traffic-free roads.

Citizens of the European Union are allowed to enter Spain with a valid identity card or passport. Also the driving license of the respective European country is accepted in Spain. People living outside the EU have to clarify the entry conditions with their embassy and should carry the international driver's license in addition to their national one.

To participate in a tour, it is required that you have at least 2 years of riding experience on the chosen model or on a motorcycle of similar size. The safe handling of the motorcycle in any road and weather conditions as well as a firm stand with the motorcycle are indispensable and a premise for your tour participation. 

Theoretically, the Spanish traffic rules do not differ from the European regulations. We recommend always driving with foresight, because in Spain overtaking is common and often done on the right, the turn signal is often not used and sometimes dark red traffic lights and stop signs are disregarded. Especially when driving in a group, we ask you to keep a safe distance from the rider in front and to show consideration for each other.

Spain has a well-developed road network with - outside the urban centers - a very low traffic volume by European standards. Countless winding roads, which fit perfectly into the landscape, will make your motorcyclist's heart beat faster. Perfect conditions to tour with pleasure or to enjoy the thrill of the curves. Our tours take place 100% on asphalt. Of course, due to weather conditions and other road users, there may be dirt or damage (potholes) on the road, so a careful driving style is recommended.

Mostly nice :) but of course there are exceptions. It is best to be prepared for wind and rain and to get enough of the sun, which we have here most of the time!

Depending on the destination, the average driving time is between 4 and 6 hours per day. We usually start after breakfast in good time and reach the respective lodging at the destination around 17:00 / 18:00 o'clock. Needless to say, there are stops for sightseeing, photos, coffee and lunch breaks, and we also have enough time to stretch our legs. Per riding day we usually cover between 250 and 300 km on our motorcycles.

Of course you are welcome to ride your own motorcycle on our tours in Spain, provided that your vehicle is properly maintained, has good tires and is approved for traffic. The transport to the starting point of the tour has to be organized by yourself. It is also important that you have the appropriate motorcycle related documents (vehicle registration document) and the green insurance card with you.

It is important to wear and carry proper motorcycle clothing, i.e. motorcycle pants and jacket with protectors, solid motorcycle boots, leather gloves and a full face helmet. Unless you have a waterproof motorcycle suit, we recommend bringing a rain suit.

We also offer the possibility to book rental clothing on our website. Here you can see all available clothing and sizes and save unnecessary luggage on the plane.

Daily breakfast and dinner are included in the tour price. At lunch we eat in typical restaurants and pubs. Spanish cuisine is very diverse. Besides tapas and paellas, there are often fresh fish and steaks from the grill combined with seasonal vegetables, bread or fried side dishes. There is also plenty of vegetarian options to choose from. In addition, you can often find fruit and vegetable stands along the routes and in the smaller villages.   


Spain is generally considered to be a safe country to travel to and after years of touring different regions several times a year, we can only report positive things. Many years of experience have shown that our tour participants have felt very comfortable in the country and always very welcomed. But be careful in the cities and urban areas, pickpockets and fraudsters can do their mischief. Read here about the experiences and impressions of our clients on tour.