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Hispania Tours DNA and Spirit

Hispania Tours organises exclusive motorcycle tours in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and the Alps. We have successfully operated more than 300 guided motorbike tours since our company was founded in 2003, and around 1,500 motorbike enthusiasts visit us every year at our rental stations in Málaga and Barcelona.

Our passion is to provide unforgettable motorcycle experiences. In doing so, we focus on visiting new cultures and their most beautiful places. Our tours are driven by a spirit of camaraderie and friendship, and we are happy to satisfy individual wishes. To achieve this, we rely on experienced and well-trained tour guides as well as professional tour planning and preparation. Comfortable and charming lodgings, small groups of a maximum of 6 - 10 riders and the assistance of our tour bus are the foundation on which we organise exciting, and also safe motorbike tours.

We follow the claim to realise every tour in an exciting balance of authenticity and exclusivity.

Exclusive motorcycle tours

  • Individual customer care: Our goal is to take care of you and make sure you have an unforgettable motorbike trip. With a lot of personal commitment and the utmost attention, our tours will be a most special experience for you.
  • Appreciation: The spirit of friendship distinguishes our tours - together we are on the road, together we discover the country.
  • Safety: Safety is a major priority at Hispania Tours! The main focus is on an accident-free trip, our tour guides will prepare you for the special circumstances of each destination and daily stages.
  • Experience:The multilingual tour guides will support you with their riding experience and guide you safely through the daily stages. Experience the history and culture of your destination - in addition to the highlights, we will also show you the hidden treasures along the way.
  • Professional tour preparation: All tours are carefully designed and prepared. We are constantly working on improving our tours and adding new information to make the journey even more attractive for you. You receive a tour information package with road maps, hotel list and tour description before the start of the tour, so that you can prepare yourself individually.
  • Small group sizes: Usually eight motorbikes per tour guide guarantee maximum personal freedom for each participant. Of course, it is also possible to explore sections on your own.
  • Comfortable accommodation: After a long day of riding, we attach great importance to the restful mix of comfort and a country-typical feeling of home. In each of the hotels we have selected, you can expect an amiable and sophisticated atmosphere with lots of charm and excellent service.
  • Travel without luggage: When you arrive at the hotel, your travel bag will already be waiting for you in your room. During the trip you are free of annoying luggage, which we transport comfortably in our tour bus.
  • Our escort vehicle: Our tours are accompanied by our tour bus, in addition to the luggage we also transport spare parts and of course a replacement motorbike. This way, in case of an emergency, we immediately have another motorbike ready and the journey can continue without delays. There is always room for passengers in the tour bus.
  • BMW motorbikes:Our fleet is technically perfectly maintained, the rental motorbikes are mostly as good as new. Luggage systems and tank bags are available for all motorbikes.