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Extremadura - 6 days

Self guided motorcycle tour - Romantic Spain

  Duration: 8 Days / 6 riding days  Tour price: from 1.620,-  Total distance: 2.300 km  Daily stages: ca. 300 km

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  • This unique motorbike tour in Extremadura takes you to the centre of Spain in one of Europe's last natural paradises
  • Follow the footsteps of the Conquistadores in the historic towns of Zafra, Trujillo and Plasencia.
  • Maximum driving pleasure awaits you in the mountains of Sierra Morena and Sierra de Gredos.
  • Exceptionally beautiful flora and fauna in the National Park Monfragüe and in the Valle de Jerte
  • On this motorcycle tour you will follow the Via de la Plata traces, an old Roman trade route across the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Visit mysterious Guadalupe and its monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Top notch hotels in historical palaces and monasteries (Paradores) provide a very sophisticated ambience in the evenings.

Arrival day:

  •  Airport: Málaga, Spain - Airportcode AGP
  •  Transfer: Airport - Tour hotel 
  •  Briefing time: at 09.00 am on Day 1

Departure day:

  •  Airport: Málaga, Spain - Airportcode AGP
  •  Transfer: Tour hotel - Airport 
  •  Departure time:  possible all day

Daily stages

Arrival and check-in at the hotel in the city of Málaga.

Accommodation: Tourhotel Malaga

If you are already self accommodated locally, or your flight arrives early enough (mornings before 11:00), you can remove this accommodation from the included services during the booking process.

The tour leads you through the lowlands of the Guadalquivier river to Sierra Morena. Countless fantastic roads await you in this varied mountain and hilly landscape. You travel through oak forests and bull pastures, cross meadows of flowers and linger at fairytale lakes. The road adapts to the landscape, long curves and good asphalt make your heart beat faster. In the evening you reach the typical Spanish village of Zafra, your first destination of the day.

  • Destination: Zafra
  • Driving kilometers / duration: 370 km / 6,5 h
  • Accommodation: 4*hotel in Zafra
  • Highlight: Sierra Morena

From Zafra you travel along the Silver Route into the Extremadura region. This is where the „conquistadores" of the Americas, Hernán Cortez and Francisco Pizarro, came from, bringing Inca and Mayan gold to their homeland of Spain to finance the construction of magnificent palaces and churches. You stop in Merida, the Roman capital of Lusitania founded by Emperor Augustus 2000 years ago. Passing the Roman aqueduct of Los Milagros, you cross the Cornalvo Nature Park and head towards Trujillo, where you will spend the night. Trujillo, the birthplace of the famous conquistador Pizarro, is known for its beautiful main square, medieval fortress and city walls with seven gates.

  • Destination: Trujillo
  • Driving kilometers / duration: 290 km / 6 h
  • Accommodation: 4* hotel in Trujillo
  • Highlights: Aqueduct Los Milagros, Cornalvo Natural Park


This morning you cruise through Sierra de Fuentes to get to Cáceres. Cáceres boasts a very well preserved historic center and numerous palaces from the XIV century. For many it is even the most beautiful city in Spain and indeed the flair of this city is unique. Cáceres is a place where you could stay even longer, but there are still many beautiful things to discover, such as Monfragüe Nature Park on the way to Guadalupe. The natural park was already protected in 1979 and is home to one of the largest and most representative Mediterranean forest areas. On the cliffs are impressive breeding colonies of griffon vultures, here also nest peregrine falcons, Bonelli's eagles and eagle owls. In the afternoon you reach Plasencia, located on the banks of the Jerte river, one of the main stages of the Silver Route.

  • Destination: Plasencia
  • Trip kilometers / duration: 180 km / 4 h
  • Accommodation: 4* hotel in Plasencia
  • Highlights: Cácares, Monfragüe Natural Park.


You leave Plasencia and the Silver Route, as your motorcycle smells mountain air today. You will ride up to the motorcycling paradise of the Sierra de Gredos mountains,  where you will enjoy unique views of the Almanzor peak with its almost 2600 meters. The roads in this mountainous region seem to be made for motorcycling and you spend a perfect day of riding before setting up your evening quarters in Guadalupe. Gudadalupe is famous for its Black Madonna, the patron saint of all Spanish-speaking countries.

  • Destination: Guadalupe
  • Driving kilometers / duration: 300 km / 6 h
  • Accommodation: 4* hotel in Guadalupe   
  • Highlights: Sierra de Gredos, Almanzor peak


On your way to Palma del Rio you are crossing a landscape of lakes; each of these once man-made lakes has its own character. Afterwards it is time to depart from this region you already know so well. But there are still beautiful stretches of road awaiting you as you head towards Palma del Rio, the place where the Catholic kings and Columbus once met.

  • Destination: Palma del Rio
  • Driving kilometers / duration: 280 km / 6 h
  • Accommodation: 4* hotel in Palma del Rio
  • Highlights: Natural paradise Extremadura, Palma del Rio


From Cordoba you will ride over the Sierra Grazalema and the magnificent motorcycle pass Puerto de las Palomas towards Ronda and then over the Serranía de Ronda to your tour starting point Málaga.

  • Stage destination: Málaga
  • Driving kilometers / duration: 280 km / 6 h
  • Accommodation: 4* Tourhotel Málaga
  • Highlight: Mountain pass Puerto de las Palomas

If you are already accommodated locally, or your flight departs late enough to finish the tour (in the afternoon from 17.00), you can remove today's overnight stay from the included services during the booking process.

We say goodbye and hope to see you again soon on one of our other motorbike adventures! 

Please note: We reserve the right to make minor changes to the tour schedule.

Tour dates and book your tour from Málaga

This self-guided tour in Andalusia can be done from the beginning of September until the end of June. When booking the tour, please select your start date, which is the same as the arrival date of the tour itinerary above.

Tour rates

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Included services

Included services 

  • Hispania Tours rental motorbike (additional equipment and gear can be booked on request)
  • Sat nav on the motorbike with the daily routes loaded
  • Tour briefing and instructions for each day's ride 
  • Road book + maps
  • Airport transfer for tours from Málaga

Accommodation and Meals 

  • Accommodation in 3* and 4* star hotels as well as small, typical boutique hotels
  • Daily breakfast during the tour is included in the tour price

Not included 

  • Flight, fuel, drinks, dinner, snacks, travel insurance
  • Everything that is not explicitly listed in the included services

Top notch hotels

On your self-guided tour you will stay in carefully selected hotels that reflect the true character of the region and guarantee relaxation after your days of riding. The majority are 3* and 4* star hotels as well as small, authentic boutique hotels.

If you like it a bit more in style, like to wake up with a sea view or appreciate more luxurious facilities, you can add the Hotel Plus package. In this case, we will make sure that you get just the one, particularly beautiful room in the hotels or even an upgrade to a better hotel category.

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