X-BIONIC - High-Tech for more riding pleasure

Do you wonder occasionally why traditional functional base layers end up clinging to the body damply despite convincingly technical-sounding material names? Simply put: It’s not just about the fibre. Rather, it’s also about the workmanship.
X-BIONIC® offers three-dimensional, temperature-regulating textile technology designed to suit the demands of each part of your body. That achieves a decisive advantage: The body remains at its optimal temperature of 37 °C longer. The rider remains able to perform and concentrate longer.

Motor Energizer Xbionic Funktionsunterwäsche

The advantages of the MOTO ENERGIZER, that has been designed by X-BIONIC specially for bikers, can be tested by all participants at the Morocco Tour - Mountains, Deserts and Oases.

Motor Energizer Xbionic Funktionsunterwäsche

Utilise physiology, maximise comfort
With anatomically shaped 3D Structures just for bikers.

Perfectly balance temp erature, ensure riding safety. 
Created esp ecially for comfort when temp eratures fluctuate drastically:

· Over mountain passes
· At high speeds and creating wind chill (wind chill effect)
· During seasonal transitions

Reduce muscle vibration, increase riding pleasure.
Thanks to X-Impact Technology™ and X-BIONIC ® Partialkompression®.

More Information on X-Bionix and the Moto Energizer:

X-BIONIC Website: www.x-bionic.com
Moto Energizer: Download Catalogue

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