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Jürg , Switzerland
Sunday, 13-09-15 15:06
Just back from the 2015 "Culture and Curves" Tour in the Pyrenees, I'd like to use this opportunity to thank Johannes (our tour guide) and Eva (who drove the support vehicle, made sure our luggage was always waiting for us in our hotel rooms, miraculously organised tables for all of us in crowded Tapas bars etc. etc.) for a very special holiday. It is hard to imagine how the combination of exhilerating rides on beautiful, often almost traffic-free roads set in the most spectacular landscapes, good company, excellent food and wine (the latter of course only in the evenings) and accommodation often in small charming hotels could be surpassed. And there is another unusual combination I'd like to mention: The combination of apparent ease of "everyday life" on the tour and the high degree of professionalism shown by both Johannes and Eva. So thanks again, and I hope to be back one day!

David ,
Friday, 07-08-15 14:00
Nuestro viaje con hispania tours fue genial.

Alejandro Ybarra, santa cruz bolivia
Monday, 27-07-15 06:34
realmente espectacular¡¡¡¡¡¡
todo perfecto, las rutas, el servicio de Hispania tours en todos los detalles, si piensas que vas a comprar algo genial, encontraste lo correcto¡¡¡¡¡ superaron la espectativa
muchas gracias ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Tuesday, 21-07-15 17:12
ESPECTACULAR...La Ruta, los hoteles, la atención y el servicio de Hispania...
Gracias y Felicitaciones...

Johnny Nogales, Bolivia
Tuesday, 21-07-15 16:24
Definitivamente, lo recomiendo.
Cuando terminas un tour y quedas con el deseo de iniciar uno nuevo CON LA MISMA EMPRESA, es que todo salió excelente.
Es lo que me pasó después del BMW Motorrad Days 2015. Magnífico recorrido, impecable planificación, apoyo técnico y ejecución; con la nota más alta a la calidad humana del equipo de Hispania Tours: Volker, Johannes, Julio, Jesús y Eva.
Ahora empiezo a soñar con la visita a las Perlas Morisca y Marruecos.
Muchas gracias.

Mauricio y Viviana ,
Monday, 22-06-15 14:46
Al iniciar un tour nunca se sabe si todo saldrá como se planea, el lugar, las motos, el equipo, los hoteles, y los miles de detalles que hacen a un viaje. Afortunadamente todos los integrantes de Hispania Tours si lo saben, es por ello que agradecerles es poco por nuestro viaje a Marruecos, todo lo prometido fue poco en relación a lo encontrado.
Las motos en perfectas condiciones, los hoteles de primera categoría, la logística excelente, y sobre todo la predisposición de todo el equipo para estar a cada momento en los mas mininos detalles.
Es la primera vez en que el folleto nos dice menos que lo que se ofrece.
Es por ello que agradecemos infinitamente a Julio (nuestro eximio guía), Eva (que atendió cada una de nuestras inquietudes), Johannes (el siempre listo del equipo) y a todos aquellos que hicieron de nuestro tour un GRAN VIAJE.
Muchas gracias a todo el equipo y hasta la próxima.

Karen Brodie,
Saturday, 13-06-15 23:44
Johannes, Eva, Volker and Julio: thanks so much for a wonderful holiday and riding experience! Scot and I have been on many tours in Europe,South America, Canada and Mexico. So far your company ranks right up there with the best for professionalism, service, attention to detail, accommodations riding pleasure and of course fun! We loved the hotels, the food, and most of all the special bike friendly roads you took us on. Andalusia and Morocco are both amazing tours and we were fortunate to be able to combine them in the Moorish Pearls tour. Thank you Julio for your passion for all things Andalusian, and your sense of fun, and thank you Volker for your patience, your knowledge and enthusiasm for Morocco, and your ever present smile. We felt truly pampered by your attention. We'll be back soon for another tour.

Nani Marston, Andalusia
Monday, 08-06-15 07:11
H[..] mahalo. I cried all the right kind of tears for a week, joy, beauty. Beautiful country, stunning mountains, and I fell in love with the people. My Harley's know I've been exploring, Luckily not enough road here on Kauai for a BMW... I will just come back there.Eva hope you are enjoying the coffee and sharing w the boys. Julio was there a drop box somewhere ... Aloha guys

Elizabeth Molloy, Australia
Sunday, 31-05-15 18:39
We have just completed the Morocco Imperial Cities tour. We had 6 Aussies and 2 U.S riders in our group, with 3 riders being women. I admit to being quite nervous, for two reasons
1-the tour company was an unknown
2-the roads in Morroco were a little intimidating
My first concern was put at ease upon arrival, the bikes were immaculate, Johannes and Eva were really welcoming and very very capable.
We had Johannes as our guide, he took us to roads and places that I would never have thought myself capable of! We laughed throughout Morocco, rain, mud, gravel, all an adventure!
It was simply the BEST tour and we all had a fabulous time. We are coming back next year to do another tour and have the longer Morocco tour in our future plans. We have ridden in Europe before but Hispania has been far and away the best.
Thanks for a great trip!

Rina Bar Tal, Ra'anana, Israel
Sunday, 24-05-15 17:51
Very Dear Johannes and Eva,
You see, in our family, their is a distinct separation of responsibilities. Gideon rides the BIKE, I do NOTHING for 9 days just sit back and try!!! to be nice, and then I write thoughts and evaluations. Interesting, NO!!!!!
So...... we really enjoyed both of you!! We thought the plan for riding was a good one. It enabled us to see some of Spain and Portugal and we loved what we saw. We enjoyed the stops whenever possible during the day!! We enjoyed the choices of eating places!!! they were MUCH FUN and good food..... We enjoyed your company (believe me that's very important too after a FULL day) and we loved meeting people from other places, countries.
I think Gideon found the trip very challenging, riding wise,as we come from such a small country he doesn't really have the opportunity to ride that much and on such great roads (haha
ha) so all in all - was great to meet and get to know you. Great to see some country sites we haven't seen before, the day off in Lisbon was GREAT and I think a full day in Seville (not a half day) would have also been nice.....
Very best wishes to the both of you and who knows, we might meet some day again on one of your very professional and fun tours.
Very best from the both of us,
Rina and Gideon

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