Photo Album 2017 - The best shots from our tours

With our great bikers from Switzerland along the wonderful roads and villages of Portugal. Thank you Marcello, Markus, Richard, Heinz, Roland and Rudolf !
On the beautiful roads to Portugals Castles and History with our friends James, Joseph and Sharon and Jeff and Carol from USA and Peter and Ulrike from Germany
To the Imperial Cities of Morocco with our friends David and Mary from Australia, Bruno and Julia and Mauricio and Naia from Brasil, Robert, Michael and Meghan from Canada
To the Imperial Cities of Morocco with our friends Peter and Dagmar, Artur and Renate and Willy and Beate from Austria as well as Werner and Öjen from Germany.
To the Highlights of Southern Spain with our friends Gur, Miguel, Werner and Öjen and David and Mary.
On the fantastic roads in Northern Africa to the Imperial Cities of Morocco with our dear friends Bob, Anthony, Simon and Victor from England, Claudia y Andres from Colombia, Birgit and Frank from Norway.
On this motorcycle tour in Morocco our group traveles to the imperial cities, ancient capitals, that have played a crucial role in Morocco´s history from the times of the indigenous Berbers, to the Arab invasion and European colonialism. With our friends Wolfgang, Marianne and Alfred from Austria , Achim, Reinhard, Ludwig and Peter from Germany.
To the Highlights of Southern Spain with our friends Douglass From Canada and Kylan and Pavan from India.
Mit unseren Schwaben Reini und Reini, Bernd und Bernd sowie Markus und Rudi auf Tour durch das wunderschöne Marokko.
Breathtaking tracks through unique regions, charming rustic accommodations. On this PURE Biker Tour we go back to the roots of motorcycle touring, we focus on the real experience and full riding pleasure.
With our friends Marit und Geir from NO_WAY, Shelly and Mark from USA, Marita und Kersten from Germany, Heidi und Norbert Germany through the wonderful roads of Morocco for 14 days. Pure riding pleasure und big fun !
With our dear riders Stewart from Gibraltar, Wim from the Netherlands, Lawrence from Canada, John from Scotland on tour for 14 days through the magic roads of Morocco.
For 2 weeks we ride on the fantastic mountain and panoramic roads of Morocco, a country that is admired for its ancient history and friendly people. With us on tour are Edi from Austria, Moises from Mexico and Horst, Frank and Heinz from Germany. Together we discover the kasbah trail to the oases of the Sahara desert, the royal cities of Fes, Rabat and Marrakech and visit their colorful souks, that are filled with authentic little shops, seductive scents of spices and enchanting oriental music.
Wonderful riding days during the winter months in Southern Spain. This is pure motorcycle pleasure !

Exclusive motorcycletours in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and The Alps since 2003. © Hispania Motorcycletours S.L.